What's going on in Byron

European Gypsy Moth (EGM)

What the City is doing now - Aerial Spray May 20,2021

This spray is being performed to help preserve existing trees from severe defoliation as a result the European gypsy moth (EGM). The aerial spray is planned to take place this Thursday May 20, 2021. The entire City of London aerial spray program for all five (5) parks will take approximately 1hr starting between 5:30AM-6:30AM.

City crews and contractors over six weeks manually removed approximately 23,000 egg masses from these trees. This is an estimated 2.3 million - 23 million caterpillar eggs!!


Click the links above to see the maps of the specific streets and trees. For more information visit the city's website.

Hefty Energy Bag

London’s Hefty® EnergyBag® Pilot Project will be moving into the next Phase this spring. Those living in the Pilot Project neighbourhoods can expect an update in your mailbox soon. The Pilot Project will be wrapping up in some neighbourhoods and expanding into some new areas. 

For more information visit the city's website.