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Byron Community Organization

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On Dec.24th at 6:00pm make Byron Bright with Luminaries!


  • Paper lunch bags or Mason jars

  • Battery-operated tealights, LED candle(s) or solar-powered light(s)

  • Misc. jars to put lights in (if using paper bags)

  • Kitty litter or sand



  • Using paper punches, try creating designs on the bags or decorate your Mason jar. Cutting out snowflakes in white paper & gluing to inside of bag will create a silhouette effect.

  • Pour some kitty litter/sand into the bottom of each bag/jar

  • When it’s time, set out the luminaries. Turn on lights, place in a jar, and then nestle the jar into the litter.


Send us a photo of your creative work to
and we will share it on our BCO website.

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